Friday, 14 September 2012

Rainy day.

It has been raining since last night, a bit of a disaster in central Italy. Peps is sleeping on his bed and I am trying to figure out what to pack first. I have sorted out a few issues like the expiring driving licence and speaking with the boss, getting rid of an old motorbike I had and posting ads for things I don't really want to carry to Ireland...
Packing your stuff is a little bit like going through your life. You come across long forgotten items and it can be quite emotional at times. That is a picture of my first dog. Never forgotten. It was taken by a friend visiting me in Scotland with a film camera. He was my only constant point of reference for many years. He would have been an excellent sheep dog.

Monday, 3 September 2012

The last few touches

So there she is, all pretty and fenced off from the fierce cattle that will be there in a few days.
There is also a sad note today, just when I thought everything went alright with my supervision of the farm, I lost a chicken. It was actually pretty early when I put them in but the fox has been around this past week and I'm afraid she got me. The only hope is that she is roosting somewhere. I have been finding them up in the trees recently but I have little hope.
With all the people cutting hay in the past few days, the foxes have been pretty active, perhaps because they don't have their usual hunting grounds.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Delivery day!

The mobile home arrived on Thursday!! We did need the tractor in the end but it all went pretty smooth and apart from a bit of gutter, the light on top of the door and a piece of water pipe, it was all ok. I doubt I'll manage to sleep in it before I leave for Italy though, I'm leaving the day after tomorrow and I could sleep there tonight but I guess I'll just stick with Whizzie's cabin for the last 2 days :)
I have been on my own on the land for the past couple of weeks and I have been very lucky with the weather, the ducks have started laying and the new Mr. Rooster, who still has no name, has been behaving very well. I guess he just needed some time to settle down and he's not as nervous and mean as he was when he arrived. The bees are very happy too, for what I can gather with my limited knowledge, and are taking full advantage of this spectacular end of a very wet and cold summer.
I will leave with sadness and cannot wait to be back. I hope I will resume to a more constant flow of posts and pictures in october.