Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Here are Whizzie's new chicks! The Speckled hen went broody and gave Whizzie this nice present :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Not much to say really...

Well, the second pecorino has been cut open and I liked it very much, Tom and Kevin did too and our neighbors are simply crazy about the ricotta. The second time I tried mozzarella it was a lot better but it is really difficult to keep, its shelf life being very short. I make it for fun tho, just for the pizza Saturdays.
The blue looked very interesting when I put it in the cellar, my sheep gorgonzola could be a big surprise.
The milking stand has been redesigned and improved for simpler and easier use. I should post some pics but let's say that now the sheep simply jump on it, the whole milking experience has improved a lot for them and I, and possibly for P when she'll be milking in August. I'm going to enjoy some time off. I surely need it, I look like a relic.
I have been busy for the past 3 or 4 days trying to fix the floor of my mobile home which was about to collapse. Mission accomplished but what a pain in the butt. If I were a bit larger I wouldn't have been able to crawl under it :(
And finally, for something completely different, here are some pics of my friend the hare!

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Jeez. I forgot about the midges. Because last summer was so humongously shit, we didn't get many midges. But this late blooming spring has brought them back altogether (with the ones from last year too it seems!). As it happens, milking falls right within the time of highest midges activity. This means that my face is covered with bytes. And my wrists. Also part of my arse, my shirt is too short!
This morning I was awaken at 6.30, not by the usual sound of my alarm, but rather by the four sheep bleating VERY LOUDLY right behind my wonderfully sound insulated window of the mobile home. What was wrong with them? Were they just playing a bad prank on me? I could swear I saw one of them smiling devilishly... but no. Their faces, legs and udders had changed colour, they were black with midges!

Anyway, on a different note, cheesemaking goes on. No midges in the cheese yet. I did try one blue and I might try another one in a couple of weeks, but mainly it's still pecorino and ricotta because I feel that the recipe is right. I have a confession to make, I did open the first tiny pecorino I made and I ate it all. It was good, very good. Considering that it was young (below 4 weeks) I was very impressed.
I should post pics but every time I come up to the old house for the cheese I forget my camera and I still don't have one of those fancy smart phones. I promise some more pics. Enjoy the video of the happy ram, sorry about the annoying music in the background.