Sunday, 29 September 2013

Allo! Allo!

Have you ever watched a tv series from the 80s called Allo! Allo! ? I just finished watching it last night.
Now that the war is over I can get back to the blog!
More than a year down the line and here we are, with 4 lovely sheep, 4 lovely hoggets, 1 lovely ram, lots of lovely cheese and a lot more.
Here's the check list:
Van (thanks to Whizzie, really)
Mobile home (also referred to as jonz-mobile)
Porch, heating, water and generator
Getting Ram
Cheese making
Cheese aging
P's little wood cabin (thanks to Whizzie, really)
Getting flock number
Get official tags!
Fixing lane
Eat lots of cheese
Get electric connection (started months ago, still not finished because of our neighbour Dike being a Dike)
Next in line on the 'to do' list:
Get rid of last two male lambs
Get concubine for little Fecker
Get proper cheese lab
Get vat
Get milk cooling system
Get licence to sell cheese
Fix motorbike
Sell motorbike
Get more sheep!
Be happy.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Here is my huge harvest, arranged in classic Italian way. I wonder if it will work here too, with all the humidity we have here, it might not work!

Monday, 2 September 2013

2 gone, 2 to go.

I just sold two lambs to one of the 5 Irish farmers who have dairy sheep (us included).
It's nice to know that they'll have a few years of "work" in front of them and won't go to the butcher, yet!
Maybe I'll be able to sell the other 2 to one of the other 3 farmers :)
I have been to Italy for almost three weeks and I had a great time. We spent some time in the mountains with Katy and Pietro and also with the Bigoli and my nephews. Grand! I also had lots of delicious food and came back with two salami, one of which is called "the donkey's ball". No balls in there, but very similar shape.
The sheepies were well looked after mostly by P but also by Whizzie in the last few days..
So now back to cheese making, also because two dodgy creatures broke into the old house and stole most of our precious cheese! Sorry Dario, you'll still get some though!