Wednesday, 24 August 2011

First post

Ok, here we go. First post and all that. Where should I start from? I guess I should explain what are you reading and why.
I am a 38 year old researcher and I always had a great desire to breed and work with farming animals but I never really had the opportunity.
That's also why I graduated as a veterinarian but I soon realised there wasn't much work if you wanted to work with farming animals in Italy.
So, I never had the money I needed to buy land and I never managed to find the right people to team up with. I almost gave up and thought that the most I could achieve was to get a house in the countryside and be happy with a veggie garden and a few chickens.
But never say never.
One of my best friends (Whizzie) has recently bought a 21 acre property in West Cork and because her heart is as big as a Bull's, she wants me and someone else to join her in this crazy adventure.
No one of us comes from farming families apart from her boyfriend and all of us have or will have to renounce to secure and safe (but booooring!) careers elsewhere.
That's it. This blog will be a diary of this whole experience. Slowly slowly you'll get to know more details about what we want to do and how we plan to get there.
I am getting ready and saving money and I won't be able to move up there for good until next summer. Whizzie is already there in her second hand eco-cabin and the other partner which will work closely with me will move up only in summer-autumn 2013 and for now she'll be simply referred to as "The partner" or P.
She is a girl from Luxembourgh and without her I might not be able to dream of my project. Her help is much, much, much appreciated.
Stay tuned.


  1. F***!! (sorry but I got just all thrilled reading this) You just know you gotta go do this! I'm so happy for you, and whaddya mean 38? I thought you were younger? ^-^ pffffft! Now don't post anymore on that old blog because I'm deleting the feed and adding this one.

  2. Grazie mille ragazzi! Thanks a bunch! I knew you were there!


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