Friday, 15 June 2012

About Gorgonzola and Vivaro clutch issues

I know, not much in common between the great Gorgonzola cheese and the clutch issues by which Opel Vivaros seem to be riddled.
But it is actually because of the failing clutch of my Opel Vivaro that I am able to post this pictures of my last creation...
You see, dear readers, I'm actually about to leave for Ireland, this time almost for good. The ferry I had to take with my Vivaro van was scheduled on the 20th and I was supposed to leave on monday. But the clutch failed and the part needed didn't come in on time. I had to postpone the ticket a few days. This has meant that I am not panicking like a little kid on the day of his dentist appointment and I can unveil what I think is my second best creation ever (out of two, clearly).

I followed the recipe in the video and the cheese I got is definitely good. The only thing I have to suggest is that you go easy on the salt (original recipe is for 15 liters but I doubt anyone of you will try this with more than 5) and, above all, when you make the holes, don't use toothpicks, they are too thin, use something thicker. Without thick enough holes the molds won't be able to penetrate and grow because of the lack of oxygen.

 As you can see I look happy with my cheese, having my photo taken

 My baby!

Now, keep your fingers crossed for my trip. I wish I had more time to keep you updated about things in tha last weeks but it's been way too busy. Ciao for now!


  1. Seb and family16 June 2012 at 19:37

    Congrats on your Gorgonzola. It looks perfect.

    I just had my favourite pasta of lately that included cream, lots of (not home made) gorgonzola, walnuts, lots of pepper and steamed broccoli. With added parmesan on top for complete and utter cheesification, it's just bliss.

    Your masterpiece looks more like something I would put on fresh bread though...

    Damn! talking about it makes me hungry again: gorgonzola, here I come!

    Have a safe trip.

  2. :) Thank you everyone for the support!

  3. the cheese looks amazing :)
    may you have strength and happiness in the next weeks.
    all good things to you!


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