Friday, 24 August 2012

Getting smaller

In the end I had to choose a smaller mobile home. The guys from the place in Cork came and checked out the place, they were pretty much happy about everything, the width of the lane and the access to it but they were not happy about the slope of the ramp to access the field. Too steep for a 30 ft long monster, with tiny wheels in the middle it would have got caught and stuck.
At this point the alternative was to either get the digger in again and try to sort out the ramp, with the risk of fucking it up again and delaying the delivery, or to choose a shorter and narrower mobile home. I went for the second choice. I called another guy from Shanagarry because the smaller mobile homes in Cork sucked. He had a very nice one from an old couple who had it for 20 years or so. It is quite smaller than the first choice, it's 10 by 26 ft while the first one I had put my eyes on was 11 by 30 ft. A difference of almost 5 sq meters. Oh well, at least it will be here next Wednesday. I got delivered an extra load of 4 inches rocks and the site will be ready by the weekend.
I've been left to look after the few ducks and chickens, the hedgehog and all the rest because Whizzie, Sir Linux and Tom went for a trip to the UK.
First night has been a bit strange but cozy. Peps was a bit sick but he's fine today and all the animals are too.
The situation with the computer and access to internet has improved a lot, first of all because I'm on my own, secondly because Whizzie got a satellite connection. Nifty!
Some more pics soon.

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