Friday, 15 February 2013

Afternoon off

Hi all, this morning I woke up feeling like shit. I think I am incubating some bug. I still went to shovel some shit at Sean's farm but left a bit earlier with his understanding. After all the first thing he said this morning when he saw me was "you look like shit Jonzie".
But I did watch "The life of Brian" for the first time in my life last night! I know! when I went back to the mobile home I couldn't start the fire, what a pussy eh?
Anyhoo, I gave up and went to bed and that probably did it for me.
The stable is almost done. John the builder will come on Monday to finish off the last bit of sheeting and the two perspects on the roof. The plastering is not top notch but hopefully will do what is supposed to do, keep out the water.
The ladies are doing great and going happily into their last 2 months of pregnancy.
Polls are open, what do you think we'll get? how many lambs? and how many females out of them? Take part in the polls on the sidebar and we'll get some cheese for the winners!!


  1. :-) i am surely gonna win... so... where's my cheese?

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