Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Alcatraz is ready

So there, I finished Alcatraz today. The boy is not going to escape anymore, maybe.
I also set up Selvaggia on her own because the two lambs are super tiny! I was a bit worried yesterday but they seem getting better and stronger. Well done Selvaggia!
On a different note, Moro is going to visit on the 25th April and I am going to drag him to a cheese conference on the 26th. I hope the weather will have improved by then, there is so much wetness that the sheep have been indoor for the past week or so.
Pray the Irish weather God and do your sun dance for us!



  1. I will.
    Jealous of Moro. I'd like to go to a cheese conference me too...

    By the way, who's Moro?

  2. You know it just occurred to me that you live on an island where Game of Thrones is being made. Are you anywhere near to where they're filming? Just saw some footage on youtubie and the landscape is just gorgeous!


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