Saturday, 13 July 2013

I Needed Farming.

As we say in Italian, "laughing and joking" it has been a year since I moved up here. By "laughing and joking" (ridendo e scherzando), we mean that time passed by real quickly, without us noticing.
Here is a slideshow of what happened during this very intense year, although there are a few things missing, like the electrics in the stable, the lane and drains being dug at the moment, the poly-tunnels we bought and the pigs in their real teen age size. Which is pretty huge. Enjoy! If you are reading through one of those silly ipads without flash support go here: Link


  1. I'm in lab, I haven't got any silly ipad, so I can see everything with my old silly powerbook :)

  2. Hey, thanks for this really nice overview of your 1st year in Eire! Looking forward to see more - or to come by and taske your cheese.
    Did you finally go to Bantry's country market?
    Greetings to Rod Steward. Inka

  3. animals and nature! i think you are in the right path! ^_^


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