Saturday, 12 November 2011

He's gone.


What a fucking piece of shit. He has wasted so much of our time and money. It was about fucking time he got defeated by his own mistakes, drowned in his own shit, betrayed by his own puppets. It will take us at least 20 years to get back some credibility and to fix all the damage he has done. I'm happy he is gone but I'm also sad that it took so long.
I made cheese tonight, I think it could well be considered the first cheese without him as a prime minister!
Bye bye, Berlusconi.


  1. I want to try this "new deal" cheese as soon as it will be enough aged :-)

    Any ideas on how to name that cheese?

  2. Thanks Dario for trusting me so much :)
    I was thinking about something less serious like BBB (bye bye berlusca)


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