Wednesday, 22 February 2012

About how many cars and dogs you should own

I am exhausted. It's been a few tough days and it's still not finished. I've been trying to make my life a little simpler. Yesterday I managed to sell my 3 year old car for 6300 euro (I had two cars since the break-up). Now I am going around with my 15 years old, fart propelled, 235000 km worn Skoda Felicia which, if the God of cars will assist us, will carry me around until this summer and beyond.
In a couple of days there will also be another big change in my life. One of my two dogs, Cleopatra, will leave me and will be adopted by a dear friend who lives in Malta. Cleopatra will be enjoying beach walks, boat trips, lots of swimming but above all a close relationship with her new owner, something she never got a chance to experience with me, having to share all the attentions with the other crazy dog, Peps.
So next week I'll be quite lighter... it will be like in the old days, a dog, me and the Skoda.

On the other side of the channel, Whizzie is trying to purchase a neat and fine running Van, an Opel Vivaro 1.9 turbo Diesel which will hopefully be very useful in case the Skoda dies suddenly of old age but will also be useful for the farm and my move.

On the Cheese world... well, not much news there, apart from the fact that my new cheese press is a treat. My new creations will be available for test only in a couple of months.
So the routine for the Pecorino and ricotta duo seems very much acquired by now and I'm pretty happy with it. I should write a post to sum up all the critical points in this specific recipe.

My new challenge is mozzarella, which is proving itself to be more challenging and difficult than I thought. Damn you Mozzarella! I will get you!


  1. :-( Cleo....

    How can be useful a van in Ireland if a car in Italy dies?

    I wish i could try some of your pecorino...

  2. I Know, I'm freaking out, she's leaving tomorrow! but I am feeling good about it,she deserves a better chance :)
    The Van will be useful because Tom and Whizzie would drive it down and if the car dies I'm not going to get another italian car.
    It's not really pecorino because I'm still using cow's raw milk, so it's actually a "Caciotta". You'll have to wait! :)

  3. Sorry to hear about Cleo, but Malta...geez, I'm jealous. I'm sure she'll just love her new digs. You all are so on a roll and I'm looking forward to the big move and everything that comes after. Hopefully we'll get to check you and Peps out in the land of leprechauns!

  4. Good god! Turn off your word verication..that captcha stuff sucks!

  5. Hi Rowena, I didn't know I had a captcha verification! I looked in the setrtings but didn't find anything, it must be built-in. Maybe it's part of the moderation, which I eliminated.
    Cleo is having an excellent time already :)

  6. so.... how's Pepe doing without Clio?

  7. you are crazy, not your dog (it's only stupid!!). See you soon

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