Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hi all, still kicking.

Hi all,
it's been a couple of rough months. I haven't stopped either planning or cheese making. I just stopped blogging for a while because my energies and my time were needed somewhere else.
Someone very close to me died after a relatively short fight against cancer. He will be missed very much.
But life goes on and he would have wanted me to give it the best shot. This annus horribilis has to finish somehow and I hope I can rise again from my own ashes like a Phoenix.
Time is tight, money too, plans will probably be totally inadequate and impossible to stick with but I'm going to give it a real go.
Peps and I have tickets to Ireland for June, we'll go by ferry with the van and I'll bring my bike too.
In the meantime I had a chance to work on my cheese making skills and I have to say the latest results are excellent and, unless everyone is lying to me, it is fecking good.
More soon,



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