Saturday, 19 January 2013


Overwhelming is a nice English word, it doesn't really have an exact translation in Italian but describes very well a specific feeling. If I had to translate it in Italian I'd have to use several words or sentence like "Travolgente, oppressivo, mancanza di controllo, sensazione di sopraffazione".
There, it's the feeling I get when I have to think about or carry out too many tasks for my limited brain capacities.
At the moment I have to deal with:

  • The lack of a trailer to get haylage.
  • Looking for a trailer
  • The seriously low reserves of haylage.
  • Seriously low fire wood! 
  • A reed bed system for the mobile home and the waste pipes
  • A never ending construction of the stable
  • People that don't call back that should build the never ending stable
  • Various shit due to the change of residency 
  • Porch to be finished
  • Furniture in the porch going moldy
  • etc etc etcetera
But then in the end I love getting up in this wonderful place every day and plan the future.

Enjoy the video and sorry for the mess.


  1. Oh Peps, yes, I forgot about that one! He's another one of my worries! It snowed today and he's pretty hectic. No sheep work yet, will look into it and find a trainer soon. Ciao!


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