Thursday, 10 January 2013

She's gone.

Never to come back again. The last bit of Italian possession I had. My loyal and old Skoda Felicia could not come to Ireland with me, being a left hand wheel car.
It is a bit of a shock. After all, I had been driving it for the past 16 years, she was still fit and reliable, cheap to run and the only constant in my life since 1997.
During all these years many things have changed, among which: 9 homes/flats in 3 different countries, 3 dogs, several cats, 4 motorbikes, 2 other cars and 1 van, 6 partners, 2 bicycles and fuck knows what else. Plenty of memories with friends that are still with me and especially with one no longer on this hearth.
A meager 300 euro for a piece of life. Not that she was worth more than that, but still...
Bye bye Gigia.
Back to Ireland on Tuesday. Hope Peps hasn't bitten anyone ELSE.


  1. Mh... same sensation when i had to tell James goodbye.
    But, after all, it's just a big piece of metal, believe me.

    Ah, and don't forget, in these years, a couple of good friends with a couple of monkies waiting for you to settle down to come to visit and taste your cheese :-)

  2. :) hopefully the first experiments will be available from July onwards...

  3. Well, at least you have had a 16 years relationship. I miss my Tata Telco left in Aberdeen and that big hijadeputa Leyland-DAF which sapnish police stole from my parking place. But now "mi negra" is mine.
    By the way, my soul is asking for troubles again so i decided start a new life too. First step... a mmoustache.

  4. Pachu, sounds like a great first step! Hey, I want a picture of that moustache!


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