Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lambs 1 - Jonzie 0

That is the result of our first match. I tried the other day to separate the lambs, the 4 bigger ones, from their mums because it's time to wean them and to start milking! Well, those cheeky little things are excellent escapees! It was pretty easy to get the mums up the hill and keep the lambs behind. I then loaded them into the van and brought them in the field down the mobile home site, which from now on will be called the "kennel field". All fine. They made a lot of noise of course and called for their mothers but it was all to be expected. What I was not expecting was the determination they put into their escape. They first tried through a small gap in one of the doors and I promptly fixed it. Catching the one that had escaped was more tricky and involved a bit of stalking and a jaguar jump that saw me landing on my chest with all my weight. That hurt. I need a Shepherd's crook.
Then they tried to squeeze under the fence and managed alright! I was shaving then, and saw them getting out one by one from my toilet. The scene that ensued could have been in a comedy movie, with Jonzie running around in his long-johns and shaving cream on his face, crocs at his feet in the dry Irish weather trying to figure out what to do. There was nothing to do. Jonzie you fool! In the blink of an eye they rejoined their mothers plowing through the electrified netting with much commotion. In the whole process they all lost their ear-tags. Now their ears look like they escaped from a butcher shop.
So there, lambs 1 - Jonzie 0, although a 4-0 would probably be more appropriate.

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