Friday, 29 November 2013

Bird mass extinction

Dear friends and 5 readers, I have been finding it difficult to post recently, regardless of the amazing opportunities offered by my newly acquired smart phone (which I got for free from Whizzie).
It's all a big mess in my mind. It's a series of small and big jobs queuing around in my gray matter.
The lane has been fixed but the drainage is still to be sorted out. We did do it actually, we sent all the water in a piece of government owned forestry bordering with us, but it turns out that our neighbour bought it 5 days later and now he's complaining about it and threatening to plug the drain. You think he'd have told us but he didn't. We have a fucking good bunch of neighbours.
So we'll have to do it again.
The ram has serviced all the sheep and I've taken him out now. He's with his Suffolk concubine now.
I'll put him in with the ladies in two weeks again. Just in case.
For the rest, I'm trying to sort out drainage on the upper fields too and tomorrow the digger man is coming in because it's been very dry for two weeks and it's perfect weather to dig.
But the dreadful news of the day is that we had a mass extinction of birds. The fox got 9 chickens and the 3 super cute ducks. Poor Whizzie was heart broken and gave the only 1 survivor to a friend. The evil fox went in and out all night, but what is more shocking is that she climbed a 2 meter net. Guantanamo has been violated. To add more sadness to the bird diversity situation at the farm, I killed a robin. The robin is a lovely little bird. Not just any robin, but the one that I knew and grew accustomed to see around and in the stable. He died in a mouse trap that I thought I had carefully placed in a bird-proof spot. When I saw it my heart shrunk to the size of a walnut. And now I feel even worse. Total miserable. At least we learn from our mistakes.

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