Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Electricity is a great thing. I finally got the electric connection for the shed last week. And I love it.
Even though the sheep are all dry now, it's still quite busy around here.
We are trying to sort out drainage in a few parts of the farm, especially around the new lane, in order to defeat the evil forces of the water that want to take our new lane from us.
A gate is also very slowly going up at the entrance of the farm. What color do you think we should paint it? I'd go for red.
Little Fecker has been having lots of fun with the sheep but I have noticed that the first one that was covered is in heat again. Not a good sign little Fecker! You better sort it out if you want a long career!
The female lambs are the funniest things ever. You should have seen them playing today. Jumping like silly goats all over the field.


  1. For the gate, I vote for red, with a big yellow hammer and sickle right in the middle.

  2. I like it! ;) I haven't forgotten about the cheese! Bear with me!

  3. You forgot about the cheese!!! Shame on you!

    (eheh... just joking)

  4. oh.... you HAVEN'T forgot.... sorry, i am a little bit dyslexic, lately

  5. (must be the excess of alcohol...)


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