Sunday, 8 June 2014

Blogger yes, blogger no

I am thorn. I find it extremely difficult to blog, as you can see I have not posted in aaaages. Since I have started to use google+ it seems to me that blogger is a bit outdated as a platform to share content. But I do understand at the same time that not everyone is on google+ and Rowena posted a comment asking for more updates so here we go.
Things are rolling, spring is in but we still get some very rainy weather, it is Ireland after all. The sheep are all dry and I am not making sheep cheese this summer, on the other hand I am trying to make a blue from cow's milk.
I have a new ram. He is called Big Fecker (as opposed to LF) because he is clearly bigger. His balls are massive! No wonder LF was sterile!
I have been doing some relief milking for a local dairy farmer. It is good work out and I am loosing my cheese handles :)
It is hard work and I cannot possibly understand how these people do it on a daily basis. 5.30 to 11 and then 4pm to 8.30pm. And that's just the nilking!
I am also looking into grants opportunities but it looks like chances are slim.
Concubine had bloat and took a while to sort out and Selvaggia had trouble with her front feet for a while.
I have also started making beer, inspired by the recent visit of a dear friend. The first batch was very good (from a kit), second batch not as good but from grains, so I was quite proud of it anyway. Third batch is bubbling away at present.
I am hoping to get started with the ground works for the cheese lab next month. For now enjoy some pictures. They are quite random, from shearing to beer making. Enjoy.

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